I Lost My Job

Today I (officially) lost my job. My very first job.

I used to work at Starbucks at a mall not too far from my university.

On my first day, I made a few friends there, learned how to make iced teas, whipped creams, and a small handful of their other drinks.

The next day, I went to Long Island to visit my grandpa on his deathbed and the day after, he died.

Naturally, I was sad and went into recluse, all this being perfect timing as finals were approaching and I had just started this new job. My grades plummeted and I never came back to work after the first day. Fast forward a month and half later.

I called my boss today and she told me I’d never work at another or any Starbucks again. Naturally, I cried. But then I thought about it.

I literally only worked there one day. Not like I learned much anyways.

The commute there was so far and out of my way, it was a waste of time I could be using more valuably.

As for working for them, it’s not like my goal in life is to climb the ladder of Starbucks…I want to be a journalist, for goodness sakes, what does making over priced coffee for 8 hours a day have to do with that??

The only real loss is that I no longer have access to free Spotify premium, which I never even got because I accidentally paid for it when I was trying to use my Starbucks account.

To cheer myself up, I got myself the three month free trial of Apple music which I have been listening to for the past few hours and it’s not half bad.

Lesson of the Day: Consumerism can and will cheer you up! And also, fuck Starbucks! (Just kidding, I still will continue to be enslaved to their drinks, especially their limited edition S’mores Frappucino).

Real Lesson of the Day: Sometimes a loss is not as great as it seems. We tend to overvalue the bad side and undervalue, maybe even neglect, the “good side.” Don’t forget that out of any event or situation, there are both negative and positive consequences. If you can’t see it now, you’ll see it eventually. Cheer up, Buttercup (:



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